When I was in class 7, I think I moved from Top 3 to top 38. Ok, to number 8 but I am trying to be inclusive of everyone here. So my mum decided to give me one more chance in life to redeem myself. And prove that I was actually her real son. And that her true son had not been switched…



My early agency life was filled with a lot of ‘supeshio’ foolishness. Or what my mother would call, JUOGI! Juogi Kinda Foolishness, is an ultra thick porridge like foolishness brewed in titanium caul- drons, stirred continuously by demons of mischief. To make it very rich and smoothly texturized, they used dandruff from the devil’s head, collected in banned polyethene paper bags, and shaped…

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Sooooo.... camp fire, fam. I can finally speak about it.
Si When I was sixteen.
OOOOOH MMMMMAA GASH... I had a crush. Mad crush. Woi. My Lord. It wasn’t a crush crush. More like a crush, but not exactly a crush. Like it’s a crush but inter- nal. Silent. Incognito. Like my server had been hacked but I don’t know how. Like your first crush…