Happy New Year.

We made it through Survivor January.

I have been dreaming. Actually I had been dreaming from a long time. Last year I wanted to do a few things. Included was traveling, media projects, writing a lot more. And I did. Actually I did much better than I thought I would do.

Yes. I am a resolutions person. And this year is no different. Only that I learnt over the past year, that small bits over time makes a big difference. So this year I want to do more bits towards the big ones.

Here are my 2019 resolutions.

But first things first.

GO2019 Vision Board. (All images courtesy of Unsplash).


This year I want to be all-in, in all the girls’ lives as much as I can. The girls gave me reasons to live, when I sunk into some depressive state. It’s a dark place I don’t ever want to go back to.

So. More homework time, more playtime, more date nights and a lot more memories. Also, a lot more photos of all of us together. The twins should be joining their sister in school soon. So it’s time to milk it all now. Also a lot more dates, more hugs, more kisses and growth in love with the Khaleesi from Seme.

I pray and hope I can plan everything around the family, and that quality time and relationships are maintained.


Goal One: Minimize all risk for debt.

A bit of reality check.

As an independent Creative, business has been crazily unpredictable. The regularity for me at least is not guaranteed. As such, it is so easy to get into debt. Clients may not pay when they are expected and the risk to borrow is so high.

As a priority, this year going forwards, I would like to not borrow unless it is necessary. Very necessary. As such, I have deleted all money borrowing apps (and yes, I did borrow) and I am working on getting as efficient as I can in handling money, plus saving it.

Some steps I am taking are carrying food, walking more, which is part of Goal Three, and taking advantage of offers etc.

Goal Two: Read and Write. Everyday.

I want to get into structured reading and writing as well. The past years have been setting a number for the year. This year I would like to read as much as I can, but beyond books.

Some of my favorite reads from last year are the #SundayReads series Ory Okolloh-Mwangi shares on Twitter every Sunday. I enjoy Magunga’s and Bikozulu’s. I absolutely love Tatu Reginalda’s flow and pace in her writing. She always has a surprise in there. I am also listening to e books and podcasts. My favorite currently being the New York Public Library podcast. I have listened to it consistently over the past three or four years. I like the book reviews and interviews with global creative leaders.

PS: My favorite talks on the blog features Chris Abani and Wole Soyinka both of whom I love so much. There’s also Teju Cole with Ishion Hutchinnson, Alan Cumming with Paul Holdengräber, and Siddhartha Mukherjee with David Remnick. But most talks in there are really cool. Most of them were listened to on the road as I jogged at Nairobi Jeffery’s Club.

On writing, I am doing at least 500 new words on fresh blank page projects, but building up on what I already have.

Goal Three: Exercise daily.

Running is the easiest thing for me to do. I followed Mo Sande on instagram and she has been such an inspiration in running. She is the one who told me, ‘You get up and run, whether you feel like it or you don’t feel not. And sooner or later, what you feel like won’t matter.’

Some of my favorite people like Priscah Ojwang’ are also on that practice gig.

Last year I lost considerable weight. From more than 105 at one time, to about 85 at the turn of the year. This February, I am getting into a strict running plan, and then from March, we hit the gym. I hope I don’t die.

Goal Four: Go camping with the girls.

We will even camp outside the house. We will sit out, set up tents, and play camp games. No fires, I promise.

Goal Five: Visit 10 Kenyan / Towns I have never been to.

This is not just passing by, but exploring. Last year I had the same dream. Didn’t go far. But I passed through Muranga Town, Nyeri Town, Narok and Kirinyaga. I was also in Embu, Nanyuki, Naivasha and Nakuru.

Goal Six: Tour 5 African Cities and 3 World Cities.

In Africa, the 5 places I want to go to are Addis, Accra, Cairo, Jo’burg and Luanda. But I will take what I can get.

I don’t know what cities I can get, but if I had a choice, London, New York, Athens, Sydney or Christ Church. I will also take what I can get from here.

Goal Seven: Skydive / Bungee Jump / Paraglide.

Yaaaasss. I am going to jump out of some place. Got to beat that fear. Mostly preferably from a plane.

Goal Eight: Scale Up Kilimanjaro.

I have already identified a team I will climb with in June, and I am getting ready for it.

Goal 9: Publish the damn book. Finally.

A cool thing happened. I submitted several short stores for a compilation and I got an editor who told me, ‘the stories are good but they are not yet ready, but we will get there. Trust the process.’

So I am trusting the process on this one. Fully.

Here’s to 2019. And achieving the goals.

What are you working on this year?


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  1. I feel like I know for sure you’ll do great on these your resolutions, you know why? I’ve seen you get up and walk (I even offered a ride and you said no, see where you are now). Out of everything that you have said…. TRUST THE PROCESS is what stands out. I needed that now. Trust the process of parenting, trust the process of marriage, trust the process of friendship, trust the process of unexpected occurrences…. trust that goddam process. I didn’t have a task for 2019, but you’ve given me this one.

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